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Power and Batteries

The BMPCC uses standard Nikon EN-EL 20 rechargeable batteries, which are available at a capacity of around 850 to 1200mAH. This will give an approximate shooting time between 50 and 70 Minutes. So while it is nice that the BMPCC has exchangeable internal Batteries and can be used in a minimal setup, longer shootings will most probably require the use of an external power source.

The good thing is that the Power Connector on the camera accepts a wide voltage range (12-18v), so there are plenty of external solutions to choose from.

BMPCC Dedicated External Solutions

DIY Solutions

Since you can use voltages between 12v and 18v there are a lot of possible DIY power sources for the BMPCC, most of them cheaper then the dedicated solutions. Popular choices include so called “power banks” - designed to recharge mobile devices on the road - watch out that they not only have a 5v USB output, these two reportedly work fine:

RC batteries work as well and have an excellent value for the money.

Depending on your rig, these batteries can be mounted on your rods by using velcro or rubberbands. If you want a more “solid” setup you could fix your battery to a cheeseplate (like this or this).

Voltage Regulator & Power Distribution

If you are planning to run various devices from the same power source (i.e. Monitor or EVF, Headlight, Mic-Pre Amp, external Recorder) you could consider looking into battery mounting plates that provide multiple outputs. If your devices need different input voltage, there are battery-plates with built-in voltage regulators, though usually only for the more “professional” battery systems like V-Mount or Anton Bauer. Also note that these batteries are available in much larger capacities (200+ Wh) than the power banks (Anker Astro Pro2 20000mAh = 74Wh), so even running multiple devices on one battery can be done with a solution like that.

Power Specs

External Power 1 x 0.7mm DC Jack for power and battery charging.
Power Removable, rechargeable Lithium Ion battery for EN-EL20, 12V-20V DC port for external power and battery recharging.
Battery Life Approximately 1 hour of continuous recording time.
Battery Charge Time Approximately 1 hour 15 minutes when camera is off, and approximately 2 hours when in use.

Power Connector

If you want to use an external power source, use a barrel connector with the following dimensions:

  Length of plug: 9.5 mm
  Hole diameter: 0.7 mm
  External diameter: 2.35 mm

To prevent interfering with HDMI connectors that may also be connected to the camera at the same time, it is recommended that your connector has an external body diameter of not more than 8.3 mm.

Voltage External Power

What is the maximum power I can send to the Pocket Cinema Camera?

The maximum input voltage limit is +18V. When using an external power source, it is very important to make sure you do not exceed the 18V limit or you will risk damaging the Pocket Cinema Camera.

How much power does the Pocket Cinema Camera consume?

The typical power consumption of the Pocket Cinema Camera is approximately 6.8W while recording to an SD card with an active MFT lens. If the HDMI output is also used, the power consumption is approximately 7W. The power consumption of SD media may differ and the following figures are calculated based on using the Sandisk 128GB Extreme SDXC card.

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