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C-Mount Lens Compatibility List

Please make sure that the C-Mount lens you add / modify has proven to be working with the BMPCC. If it vignettes, add the information at what focal lenghts etc. If it has to be modified to fit the adapter, also add that info. There are too many “maybe working” kind of infos on C-Mount lenses already, so it would be best to have a list only containing solid information on stuff that really works.


Model Notes Example
17-68mm black version F2.2
17.5-70mm F2.2  
15-150mm F2.8
20-80mm F2.5


Model Notes Example
TV-16 6mm F1.8
VF 12.5mm F1.4
TV-16 13mm F1.5
V10x15 15-150 F2.8
V6x16 16-100mm F1.8 clear, good quality lens with full coverage. This lens comes in two editions - one with a cable and a dial turn style iris, the other with a more traditional ring iris - try to find the ones with the ring Iris. Also has a nifty macro function
18-108mm F2.5
V6x17 17-102mm F2.0
V5x20 20-100mm F2.5 list indicates compatibility

Carl Zeiss Jena DDR

Model Notes Filter Thread Example
Tevidon 10mm F2.0 Needs alternative CMount or modding, also exists with (removable) bayonett mount - really, really sharp, excellent lens, blurred edges when used at f2, quickly goes away when stepped down 49mm
Tevidon 25mm F1.4 Needs alternative CMount or modding, also exists with (removable) bayonett mount - very sharp, slightly fish-eyed, slightly swirly bokeh 49mm


Model Notes Example
6.5mm F1.8 fixed focus
12.5mm F1.4 Silver quite sharp at f2. Silver version fits Adapter.
12.5mm F1.5 Black quite sharp at f2. Black one vignettes and does not fit into adapter without machining.
12.5mm F1.9 good when stepped down, full coverage.
12.5mm-75mm F1.8 Vignettes at all focal lengths. Nice picture though. Not really all that usable however.


Model Notes Filter Size Example
12.5mm f/1.3 Requires back element adjustment for infinity focus. Relatively sharp throughout. 40.5mm


Model Notes Filter Size Example
Cine Navitar 12mm f/2


Model Notes Filter Size Example
12.5mm (CF12.5A) f1.4 Pretty soft Edges, some users experiences vignetting 52mm


Model Notes Example
Mini TV-LENS 16mm / f1.6 This model has focus and aperture adjustment, there are similar lenses with fixed focus, be aware.

Kern Paillard

Model Notes Example
Switar 10mm F1.6 A little vignetting, very soft corners
Yvar AR 15mm F2.8
Yvar 16.0mm / f2.8 AR   1
Switar H16RX 16mm F1.8 This one is quite soft around the edges, good centre sharpness.1
Switar 25MM F1.4 No vignetting, but very soft corners. Sharp centre.
Yvar 25mm F2.5
Aarau 25mm F2.5
Aarau Anastigmat 25mm F2.5
Aarau Paillard 25mm F2.5
Macro-Switar 26mm F1.1
Kern-Pailard Switar 50mm f1.4 AR sharp, good color rendition
Kern Vario-Switar Compact 17-85mm / f3.5  No Vignetting if Lens hood removed 1 2
Pizar 26mm F1.9



Model Notes Example
LM6HC 6mm f1.8 Very sharp, does not need mod, no filter thread. 1
LM8HC 8mm f1.4 Super sharp, nice 24mm fov. Needs mod, 55mm filter thread1 2


Model Notes Example
Openar 20mm / f1.8 No Vignetting 1
Largor 12.5mm / f1.8 Slightly Vignetting.  1
Model Notes Filter Size Example
12.5mm / f1.3


Model Notes Filter Size Example
HR F1.4 12mm (SHR12WI High Resolution CCTV Lens) Slightly vignetting.


Model Notes Example
Variogon 18-90 f/2.0 Full coverage at all lengths. Infinity focus. Crisp, no vignette 1 2
Cine-Xenon 1:2/16mm Full coverage.
Xenon 1:2/16mm No Vignette, Sharp 1
Tele-Xenar 75mm / f3.8 No Vignette, Sharp 1
Xenon 25mm / f1.5 No Vignette, Sharp 1




Model Notes Example
1/2“ f1.5
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