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Do It Yourself (DIY) Stuff for the BMPCC

It's a matter of taste if you want to build do-it-yourself devices to use with your shiny new camera. One thing is very clear though, you may not win the style award (depending on your design skills) - but you can save a lot of money.


plazma.kapsi.fi_diy_lanc_controller_plugs.jpg The camera has a LANC (Logic Application Control Bus System) input connector, which lets you control several Lens & Camera functions remotely. This is especially interesting for aerial videography but can also come handy if you just want to build a custom handgrip. The LANC Connector is a 2.5mm stereo plug.

One practical appliance is getting the functionality of commercial product like the Redrock Retroflex Handgrip, which has a Record Start/Stop button, done as a DIY Project.

Super cheap & minimal DIY Lanc Controller, needs a PIC Programmer and basic soldering skills.


A lot of commonly used semi professional audio equipment (like the OKM+A3 microphones, the Zoom handheld audio recorders) output a -10dBm Line Level. The BMPCC expects a +4dBm level - while more professional field mixers do output this level, less professional equipment might have to be amplified to match the input level of the BMPCC. Here is how:


Yes, you can even build microphones yourself. These people are said to sell high quality mic capsules as they are used in solutions like the Ohrwurm or Soundman OKM type of binaural in-ear mics:

3D Printed Gear Rings

Its fairly easy to make your own gear rings, check out the page on the wiki about 3D Printed Gear Rings

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