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Planning your Setup

If you are contemplating on building a setup around the BMPCC, take into consideration that this is not a classical video camera, which often allows you to start shooting right away. This applies not only on extra parts that you need to build a working rig, but also on the workflow. The learning curve might appear steep at the beginning, since it also involves thoughts about the entire process. I.e. color grading your material is not really an optional step when working with the BMPCC but rather necessary with this camera. So you should take into consideration if your Computer is powerful enough to deal with this demands.

A basic minimal shooting setup usually includes:

  • SD-Card(s)
  • Extra Batteries
  • External Charger
  • One or more Lenses
  • ND Filter
  • External sound solution (internal camera mic is considered unusable).
  • Display Hood, Display Loupe / Viewfinder or external Monitor
  • (slightly optional) A protective cage around the camera
  • A computer fast enough to handle the BMPCC's recording formats and applying a color correction

Take that into consideration when calculating the budget, you easily end up with minimum of 500$ for these parts.

For bigger setups additionally a lot of people like to add:

  • Tripod / Monopod
  • Baseplate with Rods
  • Filter Holder or Matte Box
  • Shoulder Rig
  • Top Handle
  • More Powerful external Battery solutions
  • Follow Focus System

Most of these things are optional and really depend on what you want to do with the camera. Just have in mind that there are a lot of additional costs that the acquisition of this seemingly “budget” camera can accompany.

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